Goldens Wizard European Aspen

AKC# SS 10545906

Ofa: GR-CA36441/17F/P-VPI

Petlink:  900020180719520

“Aspen”  is AKC registered and will grow to bring a second total European generation to Goldens Wizard Kennel.   Aspen has a large frame with a blocky head and big, beautiful eyes and an amazing coat with feathers.  Aspen is a hiking dog that loves to be around people and animals.  She is very affectionate and good with people and young children. Aspen’s parents come from a line of European Retrievers that are often used as therapy dogs due to their calm demeanor.  She spends her afternoons sunbathing while chewing on a marrow bone.  

Pedigree of “Goldens Wizard European Aspen”