All Golden Wizards Retriever puppies receive lots of love, attention, socialization, and are started on basic training.  Here is our routine for giving our Goldens a great foundational start in order to become the best possible member of your family.

Each week building we build upon the next:
1 – 2 weeks of age:  Handled, cuddled, picked-up, and turned over, while gently being spoken to
3 weeks of age: Introduced to the grooming table and given “mock” grooming sessions
4 weeks of age: Introduced to the crate
5 – 6 weeks of age:  Introduced to “treats” (for baited commands), puppy parties in the yard and training room.  Introduced to the command “careful” for learning how to be careful with taking treats
7 weeks of age: Begin “baited commands:” sit, down, shake
8 weeks of age:  Time to go to their “new forever” home
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