Golden Wizard Star Light’s Honey

AKC# SR82398005

“Honey” is AKC registered and will grow to bring a new European generation to Golden Wizards Kennel. Honey parents come from a line of Golden Retrievers that are often used as therapy dogs due to their mellow disposition. Honey is absolutely a sweet girl! She has all  the European Foundation traits, black eyes, black pigment and a stocky build.  With her calm personality, blocky head, she is balanced from head to toe.  At night she loves to curl up in her doggy bed and sleep like she’s still a puppy.

Pedigree of  “Golden Wizard Star Light’s Honey”

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Star Light’s Pudgey – SR69453407

DNA: V703519

North Star’s Lilly



Cornerrocks Twix – SR76478903