Jake Is The Sunshines Golden Wizard

AKC # SR81902009



“JAKE” is an exceptional male. Jake has a very soft spirit and loves everyone. Jake loves the kids and is such a sweet boy.  He is a strong solid boy who is athletic and very laid back in nature. He is a honey golden in color with dark pigment, dark eyes and rims. He has a nice long straight coat with a good undercoat and some feathering. Jake is producing gorgeous, blocky pups.

Pedigree of  ”Jake Is The Sunshines Golden Wizard

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents


Charles Remington

SR108951/04 12-12 Golden
AKC DNA #V727610

Rock And Roll Of Ring Hill

SN833069/02 08-02 Light Golden
AKC DNA #V225362

Karagold’s Pristine Race N Tyme

SN208624/03 05-96 Golden
AKC DNA #V90777

Hollow Ridges Mandy Girl

SN529100/10 02-00 Golden

Milicent Of Ring Hill

SN888990/07 09-02 Golden

Hollow Ridges Jack

SN257566/03 04-97 Light Golden
AKC DNA #V121153

Christy’s Little Zena

SN556576/06 03-00 Golden


Sunshines Crimson & Clover

SR631831/08 12-12 Golden

Jumpin Buddy Boy

SR222700/02 10-06 Light Golden
AKC DNA #V608037

McJagger’s Jumpin Jack Flash

SN602131/07 03-02 Dark Golden
AKC DNA #V217314

Princess Zoe Mia Oliver

SN781477/06 07-02 Golden

Rayah Sunshine II

SR594924/01 10-10 Golden

Saffron Syrus Higgins

SR395570/04 03-10 Dark Golden

Bridgit Higgings

SR156600/04 10-06 Golden